PUPilates Trick Classes

This PUPilates Tricks class now combines all of our best classes into one!

It’s a little bit of:

  • Workout with your Dog
  • Dog Yoga
  • Canine-Only Fitness
  • Acro Dog & Fit Tricks!

This 8-week set of online classes does double duty by including “Pilates” style exercises while teaching your dog how to jump over, crawl under, shake a paw, back up, and circle around YOU while YOU EXERCISE!

We are going to put all of the dog tricks on cue, turning these partner exercises into fun and impressive tricks that challenge both you and your dog’s muscular strength, core stability, and flexibility.

This class will strengthen not only your muscles… but that special human-canine bond as well!

PS – All sizes of dogs can do these classes, including big dogs!

PUPilates Trick Class


6:00pm MST

January 12 - March 2

8 weeks - $220 CAD

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