Find 4 Feet – Level 3

This is the final class in the Find 4 Feet series.  Prerequisites:  Find 4 Feet Levels 1 & 2

We will be using our shaping and targeting skills to teach the dogs how to lift their individual hind foot towards a target stick, in good alignment.

The exercises will progress from lifting the hind foot out to a prop in limb abduction while sidestepping, all the way to maintaining a square stand and lifting the hind foot forward into limb protraction.

This is one of the most advanced body awareness & conditioning skills you can teach your dog!

We will be able to engage your dog’s abdominals, obliques, and pelvic limb stabilizer muscles in a way that no other exercise can.

This is my first time offering this class to a group, and is therefore offered at a discount!

Equipment Required:


6:00 PM - 6:30 PM MDT

April 18 - May 23

$150 CAD

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