Positive Reinforcement Based:

  • Absolutely no prong collars, choke/slip collars, shock collars, or other form of aversive allowed in any of the submissions, within our Facebook group, or in any correlation with Sit Stay Squat.
  • Treat lures are okay, but we do need the dog to be able to pay attention to what they are doing for their safety (and to reap more body awareness benefits!)

Receiving your medal:

All 10 exercises must be submitted before June 1, 2021, and approved by Sarah Keller to receive your medal.
There are limited spots available, as well as group training and feedback therefore registration payment is required in full prior to participation.

Medals are only awarded with proof of completion of all 10 exercises.

Completion medal pickup may be arranged at any local Sit Stay Squat class, or shipping arrangements can be made.
The client is responsible for all shipping fees.


  • Please review the correct form detailed with each exercise in the group
  • Avoid all slippery surfaces (tile, hardwood, wet grass etc)
  • Inspect all equipment prior to the dog performing their exercise to ensure that the equipment is safe
  • This online medaling event is designed for healthy dogs with no prior disease or injuries. Veterinarian approval is always recommended before starting an exercise program

The participant assumes all risk and responsibility pertaining to any injuries that may occur.