Sit Stay 6’ Away

Sit Stay Squat is offering a limited edition online medaling event so that your dog can work on their canine fitness while us humans socially distance ourselves.

I have chosen the 10 BEST canine fitness exercises for this program, that will strengthen and stretch your dogs entire body, using no/minimal equipment.

Learn foundational movement patterns with control that will improve your dogs posture, alignment, and fitness while preventing injuries.

Video your dog showing fluency in each exercise and receive a limited edition “Sit Stay 6′ Away Medal”


Registration Fee: $35/Dog

Your registration fee includes access to our exclusive Facebook group where we will discuss the exercises in detail including:

  • Video tutorials of each exercise
  • Written instructions on how to train each exercise
  • Tips on training, form, and troubleshooting the exercises
  • Detailed benefits of each exercise including the muscles worked
  • Feedback on your dogs unique structure, posture, and movement biomechanics
  • Feedback on which exercises your dog should focus on because of their individual structure, posture, and movement biomechanics
  • PLUS substitution exercise suggestions that may be better suited to your dogs fitness needs!

Every dog who submits video proof of each of the 10 canine fitness exercises will receive a limited edition “Sit Stay 6’ Away” race medal that they can proudly wear on their collar (but also comes with a ribbon in case their human wants to show off their training skills themselves!)

PLUS!  Each participant receives A FREE Sit Stay Squat face mask!!

This is the ONLY Canine Fitness Medal offered by someone who ACTUALLY HAS CERTIFICATIONS in Canine Fitness!

Earn your Canine Fitness Quarantine Title before it’s too late!  This training challenge ends on June 1, 2021.

Free completion medal pickup at any SSS class; Please contact for a quote on shipping.