Canine Gait Analysis

A written Canine Gait Analysis can be useful for owner’s who would like to tailor a fitness regime to their dog’s individual posture & movement, or for owners who suspect something might be wrong but are unsure of the next steps to take.

These options include sending photos and videos of your dog’s posture and movement for Sarah Keller to assess and advise on.

Once we have completed the analysis, we will provide you with personalized recommendations to address any issues identified. Whether it’s through targeted exercises, physical therapy, specialist appointments, recommended diagnostics, or other interventions, we will guide you in optimizing your dog’s movement and overall well-being.

By proactively assessing your dog’s gait, we can detect potential problems before they become more severe, allowing you to take early action and prevent future complications.

Tier 1 – Comprehensive Analysis of Structure, Posture, Gait, and Movement

$500 CAD

This options includes a detailed written analysis on your dog’s:

  • Structure: Including body shape, joint alignment & joint angulation
  • Posture: Evaluating stand, sit, and down postures, including notes on strengths, weaknesses, joint alignment, weight bearing, limb placement, and muscle symmetry.
  • Gait: Providing insights on your dog’s reach/drive, details on limb swing & stance phases, joint alignment, and potential red flags
  • Movement Mechanics: Including any movement compensations, your dog’s strengths & weaknesses, and what I observe at each phase of the exercises.

Tier 2 – Bare Bones

$150 CAD

This option includes a written report on the noted gait abnormalities only.

This can be incredibly useful for owners who are concerned that something might be “off” with their dog, but are unsure of where the issue is stemming from or what steps to take next.