Potty Breaks / Dog Walking

Now offering ‘potty breaks’ with the added bonus of a one-on-one canine fitness training session, canine massage treatment, or dog walking!

These visits are offered at a fraction of the cost of our custom training programs and massages, but with the same benefits for your dog.

Canine fitness can help to reduce your dog’s risk of injuries, improve their posture & movement, burn calories, and is very mentally enriching. Read more about the benefits of canine fitness.

Canine massage can help to decrease stiffness & soreness, improve posture & movement, and help your dog feel their very best. Read more about the benefits of canine massage.

St. Albert Drop In Pricing
= $50 for 30 minutes

Services available to other locations, but please note that there is a travel fee of $0.50/km outside the city limits of St. Albert.

Please note drop-in fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full to confirm bookings.

Please contact sarah@sitstaysquat.ca to confirm availability and schedule your complimentary meet & greet!