Online Custom Feline Fitness Program

A Custom Feline Fitness Program can improve your cat’s alignment, movement quality, and body awareness, which can help to reduce their risk of future injuries.

Custom fitness programs can also be implemented after injury or surgery (under veterinarian guidance) to help optimize your cat’s recovery.

Tailored to your cat’s unique needs, our feline fitness program focuses on strengthening underactive muscles, improving range of motion, restoring neuromuscular function, and enhancing core stability, coordination, balance, proprioception, and body awareness.

Learn how to train exercises with your cat, NO prior experience required!  Start improving your cat’s fitness today!



Custom Feline Fitness Program

$250 CAD


  • A thorough evaluation of your cat’s health history, structure, posture, gait & movement
  • 2 custom workouts progressed over ~8 weeks
  • Plus a bonus foundation workout to get you started right away!
  • Information on how to measure, source, and/or DIY your own feline fitness equipment
  • Both an excel file, as well as PDF files, of each workout including step by step instructions, exercise descriptions, the benefits of each exercise, notes on form, custom sets/reps, and individual video tutorials of each exercise
  • Unlimited feedback