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Edmonton and Area Canine Fitness Training

A Custom Canine Fitness Program can improve your dog’s alignment, optimize their movement quality, and reduce their risk of injuries.

Our packages include a thorough pre-program assessment, which involves a comprehensive evaluation of your dog’s structure, posture, gait mechanics, and movement capabilities.

Based on the assessment results, we create a personalized canine conditioning program tailored to your dog’s specific needs. Your dog’s custom canine fitness program focuses on strengthening underactive muscles, enhancing range of motion, restoring neuromuscular function, and improving core stability, coordination, balance, proprioception, and body awareness.

Our programs are both FUN and FUNCTIONAL, and they are suitable for dogs of all fitness levels. Your dog doesn’t need to be an athlete, and no prior training experience is required. Canine fitness is beneficial for all dogs!

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Assessment Options:
  1. Option 1 involves the client taking photos & videos and sending them to me for review
  2. Option 2 involves me coming over and doing an assessment which includes taking photos of the dog’s structure/posture, videos of the dog’s gait/movement, as well as a hands on evaluation/massage.
Analysis Options:
  1. Option 1 involves me doing the analysis behind the scenes, without a written report.
  2. Option 2 involves a full write up on the dogs structure, posture, gait, and movement, including marked up images
Program Options:
  1. Option 1 involves me creating 1 workout for the dog
  2. Option 2 involves me creating 2 workouts for the dog (recommended)
In-Person Training Sessions
  1. Option 1 involves one 60 minute session together
  2. Option 2 involves two 60 minute sessions together

Not sure which options are right for you and your dog?  Send me an e-mail, and let’s discuss! 

Additional information

Assessment Options

Client takes photos/videos = No Charge, In-Person Assessment (includes static, dynamic, and hands on assessment = $200

Analysis Options

Behind The Scenes = No Charge, Comprehensive Structure, Posture, Gait, and Movement Report = $400

Program Options

1 Custom Workout = $150, 2 Custom Workouts = $200

In-Home Training Sessions

1 Training Session = $150, 2 Training Sessions = $200