Canine Massage and Bodywork


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Canine Massage and Bodywork Services

In-home Dog Massage for Edmonton and area.

Canine Massage Therapy involves gentle manipulation of the dog’s soft tissues for the purpose of decreasing muscular tension and improving structural alignment.

Sarah’s force-free approach to massage helps your dog to create positive associations to treatment while allowing their mind & body to completely relax.

Benefits of Canine Massage:

  • Decrease muscular tension, stiffness & soreness
  • Improve range of motion
  • Increase blood circulation; promoting delivery of oxygen & nutrients to muscles while removing waste products & “toxins”
  • Improves posture, structure, and alignment
  • Help to restore normal movement patterns
  • Improve performance and decrease recovery time
  • Facilitate activation of underactive muscles; Improve muscle tone
  • Increase relaxation
  • Force free based massage can improve your dog’s tolerance to touch and cooperative care skills
  • Implementing knowledge from overlapping disciplines (ie: canine conditioning, corrective exercise, and current research studies) optimizes patient treatment outcome.

Enhance the Benefits with Kinesiology Taping

Benefits of Kinesiology Tape:

  • Can help to enhance and prolong the benefits from bodywork/massage
  • Kinesiology tape causes a lifting effect of the hair/skin/deeper soft tissue layers.  This lifting effect leads to more space in the tissue underneath the tape – reducing pressure, while allowing oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to flow more easily, and waste products to be removed more quickly.
  • May help to reduce pain through the gate-control theory; the sensation of tape on the fur/skin is thought to ‘override’ pain signals in the brain.
  • Can be used to stimulate proprioceptors – improving body awareness.
  • Depending on the application, can be used to either relax overactive muscle tissue, or activate underactive muscle tissue.
  • Can aid in improving posture and restoring optimal movement patterns
  • Can be used to help stabilize joints

Convenient Mobile Dog Massage Services:

  • Please allow ~60 minutes for your pet’s massage appointment, per pet.
  • Pricing is for St. Albert & Edmonton only; there is an additional travel fee of $0.50 per km outside the city limits of St. Albert/Edmonton

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Initial Massage Appointment = $105, Follow up Massage Appointments = $95

Kinesiology Taping

Yes = $20, No = no cost

Massage Report

Yes = $25, No = no cost