Fit Tricks

In this set of 6 online classes, we are going to teach your dog canine fitness themed tricks, and put them on a verbal or visual cue!

The tricks covered in class are:

  • Back up at a distance
  • Bow
  • Spin/Circle
  • Wave

These tricks might sound simple, but they are going to look super impressive once your dog has them on just a verbal or visual cue!

PLUS – They offer physical benefits for your dog such as muscular strengthening, core stability, flexibility, and body awareness.
The mental benefits of trick training include improving communication between you & your dog, building their confidence, mental enrichment, and boosting that special bond you share!


This class is safe for both puppy and senior dogs.  Dog’s with previous or suspected injuries should receive veterinarian approval before beginning an exercise program.

Zoom recordings are available after the live filming.  A training PDF will also be sent out following the live class, with more details on how to continue practicing each trick in between classes.

Limit of 10 people & their dogs in the class.


6:30 PM - 7:15pm MST

September 1 - October 6

$150 CAD

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