Find 4 Feet

This class teaches your dog the foundations to targeting, while helping them find their feet!

Your dog will learn:

  • Front Feet Targetingadded on a verbal cue
  • Hind Feet Targeting added on a verbal cue
  • Ipsilateral Feet Targetingboth sides on a verbal cue
  • Nose to Hand Touchwith a verbal cue
  • Chin Rest with a verbal cue
  • Focus (look at handler) – with a verbal cue

We will solidify your dogs confidence in “finding their feet” by training these paw targets from all angles – Stepping forwards, Stepping backwards, and even Sidestepping!

This class will improve your dogs body awareness, proprioception, confidence, coordination, core stability & muscular strength while teaching them the body awareness foundations for more advanced canine fitness exercises.

You will need:

  • Front Feet Target (a low level target that your dog can comfortably place both front feet on)
  • Rear Feet Target (a low level target that your dog can comfortably place both rear feet on)
  • Ipsilateral Feet Target (a low level target that your dog can comfortably fit both LEFT or both RIGHT paws on, at the same time.)

Click here to download a detailed PDF regarding the targets used for class


12:00pm - 12:45pm MST

October 2 - November 6, 2022

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How it works:

Every Sunday we will meet via Zoom for a live ~30-min training class, in which Sarah Keller CPCFT, CCFT, CCBW, NASM-CES will demonstrate 5 or so targeting exercise while you follow along with your dog.  After demonstrating each exercise, Sarah will take a look at everyone’s screens to offer judgement-free feedback, training suggestions, and to answer any questions!

Following the live Zoom class, each recorded class will be uploaded to a google drive folder (in case you miss the live class, or want to keep it forever!)

The next day a PDF file will be sent out with each of the exercises individually listed, with individual video tutorials of each exercise and additional notes on training, form, and recommended sets/reps.  Please note that it is highly recommended to practice the exercises throughout the week to help your dog solidify their targeting skills before the next class.

Each of the 6 classes progress on each other every week.  By the end of the 6 weeks your dog will be confident in targeting their feet just off of your verbal or visual cue!

Sarah also offers unlimited feedback throughout the week, in case you run into any questions or would like feedback on your dog’s form (especially for those who missed the live class).

Your investment works out to only $19 USD per week, which is so worth the physical and mental benefits it will have for your dog!

Limited spots available, sign up today to reserve yours!