Canine Only Fitness

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A group fitness class… just for your dog!

This 6-week set of online classes are all about being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your dogs health and fitness.

Each 45-min class involves a full body canine fitness workout, because there are so many more benefits to fitness than what walking alone can provide!

Class Objectives:

  • Improve your dogs structure in order to prevent future injuries
  • Learn about proper canine posture in different positions
  • Train foundational movement patterns with control, progressing on the exercises each week
  • Strengthen your dogs weak muscles, while improving muscular imbalances
  • Stretch your dogs tight muscles, while improving joint health and mobility
  • Increase core and joint stabilizer muscle activation/strength with the intent of protecting the spine, hips, and other joints from injury
  • Improve your dogs body awareness and coordination
  • Build three-dimensional movement efficiency in all anatomical planes of motion
  • Improve communication between each person and their dog, while strengthening that special bond you share!

This is the absolute BEST class for preventing injuries in your canine athlete, weekend warrior, “lazy” best friend, and every dog in between.

All training levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate in canine fitness.

You will never look at a sit the same way again!


Class recordings available after the live filming.

The Zoom link and class information will be e-mailed after purchase.