Canine Only Fitness

A group fitness class… just for your dog!

This 8-week set of online classes are all about being proactive when it comes to your dogs health and fitness.

Each 45-min class involves a full body canine fitness workout, because there are so many more benefits to fitness than what walking alone can provide!

We start at the foundations by going over what optimal alignment looks like in a variety of canine postures, and how to achieve this with your dog.
From there we add in controlled movement patterns, exercises to target your dog’s front end – hind end – and “core”, and finish the workout by stretching your dog’s muscles that they just worked.

These classes will help to improve your dog’s posture, movement, and body awareness while reducing the risk of future injuries.  We will also help train YOUR eye on what to look out for!

These classes are positive reinforcement based.  All training levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate in canine fitness.  Puppies, seniors, beginners, and athletes can all benefit from taking this class.

You will never look at a sit the same way again!


Equipment Needed:

  • 1 long stable platform that your dog’s entire body can comfortably fit on in a down

Additional Equipment Recommended:

  • 2 stable feet targets (1 for front feet, 1 for rear feet)


6:30 PM - 7:15 PM MST

October 18 - December 6

$200 CAD

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How it works:

Every Tuesday we will meet via Zoom for a live 45-min canine conditioning class, in which Sarah Keller CPCFT, CCFT, CCBW, NASM-CES will demonstrate a full body canine fitness workout (approximately 5 different exercises per class) while you follow along with your dog.  After demonstrating each exercise, Sarah will take a look at everyone’s screens to offer judgement-free feedback, training suggestions, and to answer any questions!

Following the live Zoom class, each recorded class will be uploaded to a google drive folder (in case you miss the live class, or want to keep it forever!)

The next day a PDF file will be sent out with each of the exercises individually listed, with individual video tutorials of each exercise and additional notes on training, form, and recommended sets & reps for when you want to practice this workout again in the future.

Sarah also offers unlimited feedback throughout the week, in case you run into any questions or would like feedback on your dog’s form (especially for those who missed the live class).

Each of the 8 classes contain completely different canine fitness workouts, and the exercises progress on each other every week.  These workouts are safe, fun, and very effective!  Most dog’s have very noticeable improvements in their posture and movement by the end of the 8 weeks.

Your investment works out to only $19 USD per week, which is so worth the physical and mental benefits it will have for your dog!

Limited spots available, sign up today to reserve yours.