This class involves doing dog tricks, primarily using their “favorite humans” body!

Please note that this is a Beta version of the class, and therefore offered at a discount.

Class curriculum:

  • Walking Leg Weaves
  • Middle
  • Footsies
  • Jump through hooped arms
  • Circle around handler
  • Airplanes (jump over both arms in a circle)
  • Bow
  • Spin
  • Partner Hip Stretch


Please note that this class is recommended for healthy dogs without preexisting injuries only.  This class could be contraindicated for puppies, seniors, and long backed dog breeds.   Some modifications can be made, depending on the individual dog.  Please contact me if you are unsure if this class is the right fit for your pup!



The live Zoom class will run on Thursday’s at 6pm MST to approximately 6:45pm MST. Following the live Zoom class, I will upload the class recording to a google drive folder (in case you miss the live class).

I will also be uploading a training PDF for “homework” to be done throughout the week, that will include individual videos of each of the exercises taught in the Zoom class, as well as further training notes on how to solidify the exercises each week.

Unlimited support is available both during the live classes, as well as ongoing throughout the week.