Why Feline Fitness?


Just like humans, cats can benefit greatly from regular exercise and targeted fitness training.  In this lesson we will explore the numerous benefits of feline fitness and discuss the different components that make up a well rounded fitness routine for cats.

Benefits of Feline Fitness:

Physical Benefits:

  1. Reduces the risk of developing age-related diseases such as osteoarthritis and cognitive decline
  2. Lowers inflammation levels in the body
  3. Relieves stiffness and improves comfort in daily movement patterns
  4. Helps maintain a healthy bodyweight
  5. Increases strength, balance, and joint stability
  6. Improves heart health
  7. Increases ability to recover
  8. Improves neuromuscular efficiency & coordination

Mental and Emotional Benefits:

  1. Releases endorphins, improving mood and overall well-being
  2. Releases pent-up energy and curbs boredom
  3. Improves communication between cat and owner
  4. Strengthens the bond between cat and owner


Components of Feline Fitness:

When an exercise program includes each of these components, all systems of the body are trained to work at more optimal levels, preventing compensation in one area that may lead to injury.

Muscular Strength 

  • Exercises that target and strengthen the cat’s muscles, to improve daily movement quality and reduce the risk of injuries

Balance & Stability

  • Activities that challenge the cat’s balance and stability, to improve daily function and reduce the risk of injuries

Cardiovascular Exercise

  • Engaging in activities that elevate the heart rate, to improve cardiovascular health and burn excess energy


  • Exercises that require quick reactions and bursts of energy, to improve a cat’s ability to safely jump and play


  • Stretching exercises that promote flexibility and joint range of motion

Body Awareness

  • Activities that promote body awareness and coordination, to improve quality of life and reduce the risk of accidental injuries

Body Composition

  • Maintaining a healthy bodyweight through a combination of exercise and a balanced diet


In upcoming lessons we will break down each of these components and how incorporating them into your cat’s care can help improve their quality of life!