Section 3: Foot Lifts

Welcome to Section 3: Foot Lifts

This section includes 11 lessons for you to progress through.

Please note that some lessons throughout this section only include 1 exercise. 

I recommend practicing each lesson until fluency before progressing on to the next lesson.

Equipment for Section 3:

1 Stool

We will need 1 stable prop for rear foot targeting, and 1 elevated prop for elevating the front feet.

I really like using adjustable stools for this purpose, because the legs can be tucked in and the height can be adjusted, making it a very versatile piece of equipment.

Please click here for an example stool.


1 Cone

I recommend having 1 Cone, Pylon, or other object (that your dog can’t place their foot on) to use when we begin introducing the limb lifts.


1 Target Stick

I recommend having 1 extendable “Dog Training Target Stick” to use for the advanced limb lifting exercises in Section 3 of the course.