Section 2: Foot Targeting

Welcome to Section 2: Foot Targeting

This section includes 7 lessons for you to progress through.

I recommend doing all of the exercises in each lesson during one session, and practicing that lesson until fluency before progressing on to the next lesson.

Equipment for Section 2:

4 Small Foot Targets

4 Small Foot Targets

One for each paw!

These targets should be slightly bigger than your dogs paw. 

Typically you can measure your dog’s shoulder width (from outside of one front paw to outside of the other front paw), and then use 1/2 to 3/4 of the length, squared.

Ie:  If your dog is 10” shoulder width, all four of your paw targets could be about 5″ – 7.5” wide and long.  The smaller the targets, the more precise foot placement will be.. but also much harder to place the feet on them!

Height of targets:

  • Small dogs: ½” to 1”
  • Medium dog: 1.5 -2”
  • Large dog: 2-3”

Small target ideas:​

  • Flower pot plates covered in yoga mat/gator grip​
  • Cork coasters/small hot pot stands ​
  • “Non slip” coasters
  • Silicone coasters ​
  • Silicone drying dish mat cut to larger than your dogs paw (maybe 2x the size)
  • Foam puzzle pieces cut to larger than your dogs paw
  • Small square pavers 

Please have 4 of these for the exercises.


  • Add Velcro to the bottom of your targets, and stick them to a dollar store rug to help keep the targets in place!
  • Some clients find it helpful to use a mirror so they can see their dog’s rear feet and mark & reward as soon as their paw touches the target