Section 1: Feet Targeting

Welcome to Section 1: Feet Targeting

This section includes 6 lessons for you to progress through.

I recommend doing all of the exercises in each lesson during one session, and practicing that lesson until fluency before progressing on to the next lesson.

Equipment for Section 1:

2 Large Feet Targets

These targets should be square or rectangular with a side length of 1.5 – 2x the dogs shoulder width.​  

Measure your dog’s shoulder width by having them in a square stand, then measure from outside of 1 paw to outside of the other paw.

Height of targets:

  • Small dogs: ½” to 1”
  • Medium dog: 1.5 -2”
  • Large dog: 2-3”

(I usually go for the lower end for height)

Targets that are too thin are harder for the dog to “find” with their feet, and targets that are too thick/high off the ground make the movement mechanics too challenging for now.​

Large Feet Target Ideas:

  • Thick Yoga Mat (cut up to the above specs)
  • Wooden board/old cupboard door covered in yoga mat/gator grip/cupboard liner
  • Plywood/Low level scrap wood, sanded and covered in yoga mat/gator grip​/cupboard liner
  • Rubber door mat​
  • Silicone dish drying mat (if your dog is ok with the textured surface)​
  • Foam puzzle pieces
  • Bath mat

Please have 2 of these for the exercises.