We use equipment in canine fitness for several reasons, including encouraging good alignment with the exercises, promoting weight shifting, challenging stability, and/or encouraging engagement of underactive muscles.

Recommended Equipment


1 Stable Platform

The platform should be long enough to support your dog’s entire body in a down, and narrow enough to tuck their body into good alignment.

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2 Stable Feet Targets

1 for front feet and 1 for rear feet

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Paw Pods

Paw pods are inflatable half balls that the dog can place their individual feet on. 
The convex surface of the paws encourages engagement of the muscles along the dog’s feet and carpus (areas that are typically weak with dogs who have chondrodysplasia).

My recommendation for brands are below, in order of size (smallest to largest):

  1. Flexiness Paw Stackers
  2. Totofit Smooth shown*
  3. Totofit Nubby 
  4. Bosu Balance Pods

I highly recommend avoiding all other products which have the tendency to be too large, too slippery, and/or too spiky.

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