Dog Walking


Service area: St. Albert & NorthWest Edmonton; Willing to travel for additional fee

Dog walks
(Sniff & Stroll)

Each additional dog from the same household is half priced, contact for further details

30 min – $25
5 pack = $100

60 min – $35
5 pack = $150

Dog Walking Packages

Working Walks
(Fitness or Behavior)

Typically one dog per walk only, contact for further details

30 min – $35
5 pack = $150

60 min – $45
5 pack = $200

Working Dog Walk Packages

Sit Stay Squat is an insured and bonded company, and Sarah Keller has certifications and training in canine CPR, canine fitness, canine behavior & training methodology.

I implement force free training techniques based around positive reinforcement and therefore sessions may include rewards for your dog such as treats or toys – whatever your dog personally finds motivating!

Sniff & Stroll:

Walks are GPS tracked, although the main goal of every session is an enjoyable experience for your dog therefore I allow your dog to choose the pace of our walk which may involve me patiently waiting while they sniff around. Dogs experience the world mainly through their sense of smell and for this reason allowing them to sniff and experience the world around them is extremely mentally stimulating for dogs. Dogs have the amazing ability to sort and identify each individual element of a particular scent, and doing so requires a lot of mental energy, comparable to how exhausting it is for humans to solve a tough analytical problem!

If you really want to tire out your dog, you need to enrich both their mind and body.

Not only is sniffing mentally tiring for dogs, it’s also very likely the most enjoyable component of walks for them. Dogs have very little control over their life, and the chance for them to make some of their own choices in a safe environment is important for a dogs mental health and self confidence. If a dog is constantly being controlled then they are more likely to show signs of stress, anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, as a force-free trainer I will never pull on your dogs leash to encourage them into picking up the pace.  It is their walk, after-all!

Working Walks:

Working walks are tailored to your dogs specific needs – whether that is working on basic leash manners or a specialized fitness program.  Please note that I do not work with aggressive dogs.

Working walks are also GPS tracked, but the focus of these sessions is not based on the distance walked but on the physical and behavioral benefits provided, and will include a lot of “stop and go” training techniques based around your dogs individual goals.

Fitness walksRecommended*

Fitness Walks may include elements of core stability, muscular strength, body awareness, endurance or flexibility. CLICK HERE to read the benefits of each individual fitness component.


Leash Reactivity

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs, people or vehicles? This is often due to fear or frustration and can be improved! I work with your dog to keep them calm and create positive associations with their typical triggers, as well as avoiding anything that may be over their current threshold to keep your dog within their comfort zone as their confidence and calmness gradually increases.

Loose Leash Walking

Walks may be exciting for your dog, but pulling on the leash isn’t enjoyable for anybody. If your dog pulls while wearing a collar it can permanently damage their trachea or thyroid gland, not to mention how uncomfortable it is to be consistently choked during a walk. Of course this behavior is potentially dangerous for the human as well, not to mention a bit embarrassing! I work with your dog to show them that pulling gets us nowhere, but loose leash walking allows the fun to continue.


Please send me a message if you are interested in learning more or would like to develop a fitness or behavior walking program for your dog.

Sit Stay Squat uses the app “Res-Q-Walk” for tracking dog walks.  ResQwalk’s generous sponsors donate money to local animal welfare organizations for everyone tracked kilometer walked.  For more information, click here: RESQWALK

Meet & Greets

Payment for upcoming walks is due upon, or before the Meet & Greet.
Meet & Greets entail getting to know a bit about you and your dog including your goals and expectations, and include a complimentary walk around your neighborhood to give me and your dog a chance to bond with each other.

Completed waiver forms supplied by Sit Stay Squat along with your dogs vaccination record are also required before services commence.

What should you provide?

Please supply your dog with a comfortable fitting collar or harness.

Harnesses are preferred as they are generally more comfortable for your dog, but choice of wear is up to your discretion. Please note that retractable leashes, choke chains, e-collars or any averse methods are not permitted during my sessions with your dog.

Please advise on any food allergies or treat preferences for your dog. I keep a pouch full of dehydrated beef liver treats on hand, but if this does not work for your dog please supply their favorite healthy treats for training, and/or their favorite most rewarding toy.

A key to your house is required if sessions are to take place when you will not be home.

Additionally, if you are able to leave a towel at the door for me to wipe your dog down after our walk particularly during ‘wet’ weather, it would be greatly appreciated.