Paw Pod Power

Throughout 6 online classes your dog will learn over 20 different exercises using just the paw pods!

The pawds are one of my favorite pieces of canine fitness equipment, as they help to promote alignment & body awareness, and are fantastic at strengthening through the dog’s feet and carpus/tarsus.

We will also be able to engage other commonly underactive muscles that can be difficult to strengthen otherwise.

Prerequisite: Fluency on the paw pods (4 paws on 4 pods) OR Find 4 Feet lvl 1 Classes

(PS – You can purchase Find 4 Feet Class Recordings on our website at a discount!)

RECOMMENDED PODS, in order of preference:

  • Totofit (my preferred brand). Available in Canada and the US.  Please note that the nubby pawds are slightly larger than the smooth pawds.
  • Flexiness Gangwerk. Available across Europe.
  • Bosu Brand Pods.  Available worldwide (?)
  • Fit Paws Pods.  Available in the US.

I often put a bit of traction tape on the bottoms of my paw pods to keep them from slipping.

Please do not use pods meant for humans!! They are often too spiky, too slippery, too large for our dog’s paws, and cave in when used. The Bosu Brand is the only brand that is also suitable for canines.

The next set of live Zoom classes are yet to be determined, but you can purchase the previous (6) class recordings and training PDF files at a 25% discount!

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