Senior Dog Fitness

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Are you ready to take your senior dog’s well-being to the next level?

Enhance your senior dog’s mental and physical well-being through conservative exercises, gentle massage techniques, and brain games specifically designed for senior dogs.


Promote Good Posture

Learn techniques to preserve joint integrity and maintain proper posture in senior dogs.


Foundational Movement Patterns

Help your senior dog navigate through life more effectively by improving their movement quality, while bolstering overall physical health and longevity.


Active Range of Motion Exercises (AROM)

Promote flexibility and mobility in your senior dog through targeted exercises; easing the discomfort of age-related stiffness.


Body Awareness Exercises

Enhance your senior dog’s body awareness, proprioception, and coordination, which can help to reduce their risk of accidental injuries.


Balance & Core Stability Exercises

Strengthen your senior dog’s balance and core stability to help improve their daily function and reduce the risk of injuries.


Brain Games & Enrichment

Boost cognitive function, mental sharpness, and emotional wellbeing through stimulating brain games, positive reinforcement based training, and enrichment activities.


Mindful Petting Techniques

Discover gentle massage techniques that help to relieve achy muscles in senior dogs.


Environmental Management Tips

Learn tips for managing your home environment to accommodate the needs of senior dogs.


What’s Included:

  • 8 Progressive Senior Dog Workouts (each workout contains 4-5 different exercises)

  • 3 “Mindful Petting” Massage Techniques (including follow along videos)

  • Senior Dog Enrichment – Guest Lesson by Mallory Kratimenos Multi-Certified Dog Trainer

  • Adaptions & Concerns for Senior Dogs

  • Musculoskeletal Anatomy

  • Canine Fitness Equipment Guidelines

  • Private Facebook Group that includes 5 minutes of exercise video review per month for 1 year ($1500 value) 

  • Approved for 21 CCPDT trainer CEU’s (6.00 Knowledge and 15.00 Skills)
  • Approved for 21 Pet Professional Guild CEU’s


Join us on this empowering journey to unlock the transformative power of exercise and enrichment in the lives of senior dogs.


DISCLAIMER:  Please be informed that this course is not suitable for dogs with active injuries and is not intended as a rehabilitation program. For inquiries regarding the suitability of this class for your dog, please reach out to