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This course teaches your dog the paw targeting skills to master the elusive Paw Pods!


Why Train This Skill?

  • The convex surface of the paw pods encourages engagement of the dog’s digital flexors (toes), carpus (wrists) and tarsus (hock).  These are commonly weak areas in dogs, and the paw pods are one of the best ways to strengthen them!

  • Exercising on the Paw Pods also challenges balance, core stability, and joint stability throughout the entire kinetic chain

  • The paw targeting prerequisites will give your dog the skills and confidence to master the paw pods with ease!  Paw targeting is a fantastic way to increase individual limb awareness and proprioception

  • Altering limb placement on the paw pods can target commonly underactive muscles, including the thoracic & pelvic limb adductors.  For many dogs, this helps to decrease muscular imbalances between the adductors/abductors.

  • PLUS – It’s a pretty impressive trick to show off!


What’s Included:

  1. Master your dog’s front feet and rear feet targeting skills – trained stepping forwards, backwards, and even sidestepping!

  2. Increase the challenge by using individual foot targets – boosting individual limb awareness and coordination!

  3. Once your dog has the skills to master the paw pods… We increase the challenge with 14 different exercises utilizing the paw pods to target commonly underactive muscles!



  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Private Facebook Group that includes 5 minutes of exercise video review per month for 1 year ($1500 value) 

  • Certificate of Completion

  • 21 CEU’s (3.00 Knowledge and 18.00 Skills) for trainers through CCPDT
  • 20 CEU’S through Pet Professional Guild


Recommended Equipment:

Section 1: Feet Targets

Section 2: Foot Targets

Section 3: Paw Pods


Disclaimer This program is designed for dogs with no prior disease or injuries.  It is recommended that dogs receive veterinarian approval before beginning an exercise program.  By choosing to participate in this canine conditioning course you assume all risks for any injuries that may occur.