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Little Leg Fitness

All dogs benefit from canine fitness, but it’s even more essential for our little legged dogs!

Little legged dogs are often referred to as “long backed” dogs, but it’s not actually that their backs are long… rather they have shortened limbs that give the appearance of a long back.

The genetics involved with “little legs” can alter joint alignment through the dog’s limbs, and may cause premature vertebral disc degeneration. 
Check out our Sample Lesson: Genetics & Dwarfism to learn more.

Improving joint alignment can help to decrease the risk of discomfort, osteoarthritis, and other joint concerns throughout the kinetic chain for our “little legged” dogs.


Keeping a dog’s spine stable, appropriately mobile, and in good alignment may decrease the risk of back pain flare ups and concerns.

Does your dog have Little Legs?
Check our our Sample Lesson: Long Backs? Or Little Legs?

Our Little Legs Fitness Course is designed to help support and strengthen your little legged dog’s body; improving their posture & movement, and keeping them healthy & active for as long as possible!

What’s Included:


This course is catered to all skill levels and will help both complete beginners and seasoned canine conditioners!

Once you enroll in our Little Legs Course, you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials. This means you can revisit the lessons, refresh your knowledge, and continue to support your dog’s conditioning journey whenever you need it.

Invest in your dog’s future – they deserve it! 


Disclaimer:  This program is designed for dogs with no prior disease or injuries.  It is recommended that dogs receive veterinarian approval before beginning an exercise program.  By choosing to participate in this canine conditioning course you assume all risks for any injuries that may occur.