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Unleash Your Dog’s Potential with our Find 4 Feet Course

Are you ready to take your dog’s paw targeting & coordination skills to the next level?

This course starts with the paw targeting basics while progressing through to advanced exercises, making this course suitable for beginners and advanced canine conditioners alike!

Benefits of our Paw Targeting Training Course:

  1. Boost Coordination: Paw targeting exercises enhance your dog’s coordination by training large and small targets in all planes of movement, with targeted precision.

  2. Build Muscular Strength: These exercises involve a full body workout for your dog, with a focus on coordinated movements and progressive exercise challenges.

  3. Enhance Core Stability: By training precise movement mechanics in good alignment, and progressively harder exercises that open the kinetic chain, your dog will develop increased stability through their shoulders, pelvis, and core.

  4. Improve Mobility: Our course includes exercises that promote flexibility, joint mobility, and overall range of motion, helping your dog move with ease and grace.

  5. Increase Limb Awareness Skills: Through paw targeting exercises, your dog will develop a heightened awareness of all 4 limbs, leading to improved body awareness and control.

Key Features of our Find 4 Feet Course:

  1. Progressive Learning: The course begins with beginner-friendly exercises, gradually advancing to more challenging foot targeting and foot lifting techniques. This ensures that both you and your dog can comfortably follow along and make steady progress together.

  2. Step-by-Step Guidance: Our instructional videos accompanied by detailed explanations will guide you through each exercise and technique.

  3. Bond Strengthening: Training sessions are not just about building skills; they are also an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Our course fosters a positive and rewarding training environment, creating lasting memories and trust between you and your dog.

  4. Supportive Community: Gain access to our online community of like-minded dog owners and trainers. Share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate achievements together. 
    Course registration includes access to a private Facebook Group where you can submit up to 5 minutes of exercise video review per month for 1 year ($1500 value)

  5. Lifetime Course Access:  After registration, this course will stay in your account indefinitely!  This ensures that students can revisit the material at their own pace, review the content whenever needed, and benefit from any future enhancements to the course without any extra cost.

  6.  PLUS FREE ACCESS to our accompaniment course Paw Pod Precision

This program has been separated into 3 sections of difficulty, with each section building on the previous!

Section 1: Feet Targeting


  1. Front Feet Target 
  2. Rear Feet Target 
  3. Ipsilateral Feet Target

We will solidify your dogs confidence in “finding their feet” by training the paw targets from all angles – stepping forwards, backwards, and even sidestepping!

These exercises will improve your dogs body awareness, proprioception, confidence, coordination, core stability, and muscular strength while teaching them the body awareness foundations for more advanced canine fitness exercises.

Click Here for recommended equipment for Section 1


Section 2: Foot Targeting


  1. Individual Front Foot Targets (forwards, backwards, sidestepping)
  2. Individual Rear Foot Targets (stepping forwards & backwards)
  3. All 4 Feet on 4 Individual Foot Targets (stepping forwards, backwards, sidestepping)
  4. 1 Foot on 1 Target 

These exercises progress your dog’s paw targeting skills by training all 4 feet on 4 individual foot targets!

We will progress through both front feet on individual foot targets, both rear feet on individual foot targets, 1 individual foot on 1 individual foot target, and all 4 feet on individual foot targets.

The benefits of these exercises include exceptional limb awareness skills, and full body canine conditioning.

Click Here for recommended equipment for Section 2

PS – After completing section 2 your dog will have the body awareness skills to target all 4 feet onto 4 individual paw pods! 
As an added bonus, when you purchase our Find 4 Feet Program you get FREE ACCESS to our Paw Pod Precision Course!

Section 3: Foot Lifts


  1. Front Foot Lift into Abduction
  2. Rear Foot Lift into Abduction
  3. Rear Foot Lift into Extension
  4. Rear Foot Lift to Cone
  5. Rear Foot Lift to Target Stick
  6. “Mountain Climbers”

Section 3 involves using our shaping and targeting skills to teach the dogs how to perform individual limb lifts, with an emphasis on advanced hind leg lifting/targeting skills.

These are some of the most advanced body awareness & conditioning skills you can teach your dog!

The strength, stability, coordination, and mobility skills taught in this section will be able to target your dog’s muscles in ways no other exercises can!

Click Here for recommended equipment for Section 3


Enroll in our Find 4 Feet Course today and embark on a transformative training experience that will benefit both you and your dog.

Unleash your dog’s potential, witness their growth, and deepen your bond like never before.

Remember, the journey towards mastering paw targeting starts with a single step. Take that step today!

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s):

  • 25 CEU’s through Pet Professional Guild
  • 21 CEUs (6.00 Knowledge and 15.00 Skills) through CCPDT