Virtual Obstacle Course Race for your Dog!

Sit Stay Squat is offering an online obstacle race for your dog to complete outside on their walks.

Every dog who submits photo or video proof of each of the 11 exercises below using creative outdoor obstacles will receive a Sit Stay Squat Ob-STAY-cle race medal that they can proudly wear on their collar (but also comes with a ribbon in case their human wants to show off their training skills themselves).

Shipping options

Your registration fee includes access to our exclusive Facebook Group where you can share your dog’s exercises and receive training tips, tricks,  & group support!

This virtual event is ongoing with no time limit.  Please click Ob-STAY-cle Rules to read the rules for this challenge.

Click on an exercise name below to see more information on that exercise; including a photo or video demonstration, notes on form, and the benefits that exercise has for your dog.

Get creative with the obstacles and have fun!