Sarah has spent over 10 years studying advanced human fitness ranging from long distance running, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and pre-habilitation exercise.  She has first hand experience on just how important a well designed exercise program is in leading a healthy, pain-free life.

In 2017 Sarah traveled to Chicago to learn more about the benefits that fitness has for our dogs, and shortly afterwards became Canada’s first Multi-Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, with certifications through both The University of Tennessee, as well as Wizard of Paws Rehabilitation.

Through the extensive study of canine structure and biomechanics, Sarah realized that a missing piece to helping dogs feel and move at their best was canine massage therapy, which aids to provide relief of muscular tension and restore mobility.  From 2021-2022 Sarah completed the in-person training, case studies, and exam to become a Certified Canine Massage & Body Worker.

In 2022, Sarah completed The National Academy of Sports Medicine ‘s Corrective Exercise Specialist program, which leverages an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics to address movement compensations & imbalances in order to improve overall quality of movement and reduce the risk of injuries.

Sarah also became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) in 2022, through passing a comprehensive exam, demonstrating over 300 hours of dog training experience, and a commitment to continuing education.

And in 2024, Sarah became certified as a Feline Bodyworker, which helped to deepen her understanding of feline anatomy, evaluation, behavior, handling, massage (including Swedish, myofascial release and Gua Sha), craniosacral therapy, kinesiology taping and laser therapy.

It is through this combined understanding of canine conditioning, corrective exercise strategies, dog massage, canine behavior, and feline bodywork, that Sarah is able to improve your pet’s postural alignment, neuromuscular control, and overall quality of life. 

Because Sit Stay Squat was built from a love of animal welfare and following evidence based best practices, Sarah utilizes force free and positive reinforcement based training methods only. 

Sarah Keller has taught classes, courses, and seminars for Olds College, Edmonton Public Schools, The Edmonton Humane Society, and other local and international dog training organizations.

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Completed Certifications & Training


Certified Canine Body Worker (CCBW) – Caninology® (2022)

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT)  – University of Tennessee (2021)

Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT)  – Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals (2020)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES) – The National Academy of Sports Medicine (2022)

Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed – Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (2022)

Certified Canine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner – Holistic Animal Studies (2020)

Certified Feline Bodyworker – Holistic Animal Studies (2024)


RockTape FMT Canine Kinesiology Taping Certificate (2020)

K9 Fit Master Trainer Certification (2017)

AFLCA Group Fitness Instructor Certification (2017)

AFLCA Mind-Body Certification (2019)

Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid (updated regularly)

The Dog House Training Academy Professionals Course on Canine Behavior & Training Methodology (2018)

Additional Programs/Training:

Dean Somerset’s Post Rehab Essentials V.2.0 (2017)

Bobbie Lyon’s Pawsitive Performance K9 Conditioning Foundations for Performance Dogs Workshop (2018)

Bobbie Lyon’s Pawsitive Performance K9 Conditioning for Puppies & Seniors Workshop (2018)

Bodyworks is Beautiful ‘Active dog’ Massage Workshop (2018)

Bodyworks is Beautiful ‘Senior dog’ Massage Workshop (2018)

Coaching The Canine Athlete Workshop by Dr. Chris Zink (2019)

Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation Course on Dogs with Long Backs (2019)

Bobbie Lyon’s Pawsitive Performance Foot Targeting Course (2019)

Bobbie Lyon’s Pawsitive Performance Fitness Walking Course (2019)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Agility Handler Skills, Drills, and Exercises (2019)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Handler Fitness for K9 Sports (2019)

Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation Course on Preventing and Addressing the Iliopsoas (2020)

The Total Canine Platforms for Fitness Course (2020)

The Total Canine Anatomy of a Workout Course (2020)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Structure and Movement Course (2020)

Tools and Techniques to Help your K9 Clients Move Better Course by Dr.Wendy Coren (2020)

The Total Canine Cavalettis for Fitness Course (2020)

Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation Course on “Those Bum Knees” (2020)

Canine Fitness Innovations Intro to Structure and Gait Analysis Course (2020)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Helping Dogs Thrive: Massage for Performance Dogs (2020)

The Moving Canine “Where Are My Paws?” Paw Targeting Coordination Course (2020)

The Moving Canine “Movement Puzzles” Course (2020)

Tromplo – Targeting Targets! (2021)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Canine Sports Medicine for the Performance Dog Handler (2021)

Bobbie Lyons Canine Campus Woofletics Taping (2021)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Get Out in Front: A Focus on Forelimb Health and Strengthening (2022)

Bobbie Lyons Canine Campus Targeting Essentials for K9 Fitness (2022)

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Aged to Perfection: Keeping Your Senior Fit in Mind and Body (2022)

Wizard of Paws Rehabilitation: Conditioning and Concerns for the TriPod Dog (2023)

Continuing Education Plans:

  • Sarah is working on board certification for canine massage.  Board certification is the process by which an already credentialed professional demonstrates a mastery of advanced knowledge and skills through written, practical, and/or simulator-based testing.
  • Sarah’s next step is to become Fear Free Certified, to further demonstrate her commitment to force free & positive reinforcement based methods.