Before and Afters

BEFORE & AFTER – Django, 5 yr old 85lb “Mutt”

Django’s Results after a 6-week program:

  • Improved sit form with his hips, knees, and feet tight into the body
  • Improved posture while standing – more level topline, hind feet aligned next to each other and tight into the body (they could still be a bit farther back); less “cow hocked”
  • Improved symmetry from left to right, including addressing postural adaptions in the pelvis area (my fingers are on his “ischial tuberosities”)
  • Increased range of motion, specifically increased flexion along the hindlimbs (hips, knees, hock joint)
  • Increased mobility in hips and back
  • Increased hindlimb strength, specifically hip extensor muscles
  • Increased core stability

BEFORE & AFTER – Missy, Shihtzu-Yorkie

1st photo: 8 years old; ~30-60 min walks per day.
2nd photo: 11 years old; ~10 mins most days of safe & appropriate canine fitness exercises.

The most obvious improvement can be seen in Missy’s wrists. Missy had a pretty bad wrist deformity called carpal valgus in which the carpus joint causes the front paws to turn outwards. Luckily she wasn’t in any pain (that I know of), but the body is an intricate system where one malformaty can cause a domino effect of compensations throughout the body, and as fitness trainers we have to look at the body as a “whole”.

Missy’s program to combat this abnormality involved core stability, shoulder stability, shoulder mobility, and toe strengthening exercises.
So although the most obvious transformation is that her wrists are straighter and her feet aren’t quite as flat, she also has better posture (look how much more aligned her wrists and shoulders are), improved shoulder reach (beneficial for running), and improved extension through her elbows, not to mention increased core stability – the core being the “powerhouse” of the entire body.

Missy is also now much less likely to develop osteoarthritis in her forelimbs as she continues to age.

Side note: I was really hoping to have a chance to redo Missys “After” photo after a good groom, but unfortunately she has since been trampled on by a larger dog and her next transformation is waiting to happen 💔

BEFORE & AFTER – Coco, 6mo Miniature Dachshund

Before & After videos from Coco’s 6 week program with me.

In the first video I was actually trying to get her to stand still, but she didn’t quite have the strength yet to do so.

The second video shows how much tighter her sit is after 6 weeks of 10 minute workouts, 4x per week.

Coco can now hold a static stand with good posture on flat ground for 30-60 seconds at a time (not shown) and has a nice tight sit!



BEFORE & AFTER – Chester, 3yr old Mixed Breed

Chester’s Results from a 6-week Customized Online Training Program:

  • Improved posture; lessened roach in lumbar spine
  • Increased core stability; less of a dip in thoracic spine
  • Improved hip mobility; hips extend farther back
  • Improved limb awareness – limbs tighter into the midline of the body and improved stance with hindfeet stacked farther back
  • Improved sit posture – hindlimbs are tucked tight into the body with joints flexed; shoulders and wrists aligned
  • Decreased carpal valgus (“Easty-Westy” feet) – Wrists are straighter & stronger with feet facing forward
  • Decreased hip & knee pain during walks

BEFORE & AFTER – Zoe, 10yr old Pug-mix

Improved posture, confidence, fat loss, new tricks, and new friends!