Before and Afters


  • Increased foot & carpal strength
  • Improved topline; decreased roaching and increased lengthening down neck & back
  • Increased muscle tone & strength in the pectorals, shoulders, triceps, latissimus dorsi
  • Increased mobility in chest & shoulders
  • Improved core stability
  • Increased hip mobility
  • Increased hip extensor strength
  • Increased adductor & abductor strength
  • Improved joint alignment
  • Improved coordination & body awareness
  • Improved weight distribution
  • Increased overall muscle tone
  • Improved joint range of motion
  • Improved overall posture in stand, sit, down
  • Improved tracking, and increased reach & drive



  • Improved walking, trotting, and galloping mechanics
  • Increased “reach” with the thoracic limbs while trotting
  • Increased “drive” with the pelvic limbs while trotting
  • Decreased spinal roaching (evident during postures & movement)
  • Increased hip flexor mobility (bringing the pelvic limbs into better alignment)
  • Increased hip extensor strength (bringing the pelvic limbs into better alignment)
  • Improved joint alignment through the front end
  • Improved postural alignment in the stand, sit, and down postures
  • Improved sport performance


Quote from Winnie’s owner:
“Sarah has a great eye for abnormalities in posture & gait and was able to notice anomalies that were missed by several physios and vets.  Thanks to her observations and guidance my dog has now finally been diagnosed (by vets with appropriate diagnostics) with some (partly chronic) injuries.  I want to emphasize that without her Winnie would probably have been walking around with these injuries for several more years.

[Sarah Keller] is the one and only reason my dog has been diagnosed with injuries and congenital deformities.”


  • Increased strength through the digits
  • Straighter carpus; in neutral alignment underneath the shoulders
  • Forelimbs in better alignment against the chest and ribs
  • Improvement down the entire topline – roached back greatly diminished
  • Increased muscle mass all over the entire body
  • Improved coordination and body awareness

BEFORE & AFTER – Bones; Kitten

  • The most significant difference is the alignment of his right (our left) forelimb.
    In the ‘before’ image Bones was displaying external rotation at his shoulder with distal limb adduction and presumed carpal hypermobility.
    This remarkable difference is after only 10 weeks of following a feline fitness routine!


  • Increased strength throughout the feet and carpus; stacked correctly underneath the shoulders in neutral alignment
  • Elongated neck
  • Improvement down the entire topline with decreased spinal roaching
  • Hocks in improved alignment – decreased appearance of “cow hocks” and increased ability to stand with rear feet in correct posture positioning
  • Increased core stability with the ability to maintain proper posture for duration
  • Visibility increased muscling along both the thoracic and pelvic limbs


  • Lengthening through her neck and topline
  • Improved alignment of her scapula, humerus, and distal forelimbs
  • Improved alignment of thoracic limbs against her rib cage
  • Improved alignment of her elbows – no longer hyper-flexed or externally rotated
  • Improved alignment of her carpus, no longer displaying ‘turned out wrists’
  • Increased strength through her digital flexor muscles – feet are more compact & strong
  • Improved reach & drive in movement
  • Improved alignment of her pelvis, femur, and distal hindlimbs
  • Increased hip extension
  • No longer displaying a ‘tucked under’ posture
  • Improved weight bearing on all 4 feet



Testimonial from Boston’s mom, Shannon:

“I have a story to tell you.⁣⁣
The last few years we noticed that Boston’s energy was low, he was sore more often than not. Shorter walks were necessary. Etc.⁣⁣
We started classes with you I think almost 2 years ago? Noticed definite improvements right away. And actually- anytime he had a break from class he had these little flare ups of his arthritis, which I knew wasn’t a coincidence.
So- anyway. Fast forward to when I started doing two classes a week with him- and we started noticing subtle differences in him. More playful. Able to handle longer walks, etc.⁣⁣
Fast forward to 3 online classes a week now….. and we noticed something else.⁣⁣
He has started playing like a puppy again! He had a date with Ryder and Harlow outside last weekend. And usually he just sits and watches other dogs play.⁣⁣
He ran! And let them chase him! He hasn’t played like this, and this long in probably 4 years. He would play, take a break, play, take a break. Seriously. It’s been at least 4 years since we’ve seen him do this.⁣⁣
It was so amazing to see him like this. Your classes have made such an incredible difference in him! And we both love them so much.”


  • Improved strength throughout the wrists, feet & toes – wrists are straighter and feet are rounder
  • Improved limb alignment; tighter to the body both medially and proximally
  • Improved alignment of the hips, knees, and feet – now tracking forward instead of turned out
  • Increased strength throughout the forelimbs, core, and hindlimbs
  • Topline straighter with improved core strength and mobility
  • Increased extension throughout the elbows
  • Improved weight distribution
  • Improved balance and coordination


Progress over 3 custom programs:

  • Significantly less rounding over his topline
  • Pelvis is less posteriorly/caudally tilted
  • Pelvic limbs are in more neutral alignment, will less hip internal rotation
  • Thoracic limbs are tighter against the rib cage with improved alignment against his chest, with more vertical alignment through his shoulders, elbows, carpus and feet
  • Carpus is straighter with an improved arch through the front feet


  • Neck elongated with improved flexibility
  • Improved topline with lengthening of the spine; back no longer appears roached
  • Improved hip mobility with hips and rear feet extending farther backwards; hock joint straighter to the ground in lateral view
  • Center of gravity improved with a more natural weight distribution in front end & rear end
  • Increased mobility/decreased tightness in the chest and shoulders; front feet aligned underneath shoulders
  • Improved alignment in the carpus/wrists; right wrist is no longer bent inwards
  • Increased strength and mobility in the entire front complex from shoulders to toes
  • Improved weight distribution from side to side; no longer leaning bodyweight to the right
  • Improved hip strength and mobility with rear feet aligned underneath “butt bones” and hock joints straight to the ground from posterior view
  • Improved weight distribution on paw pads
  • Increased muscle definition throughout entire body!


Django’s Results after a 6-week program:

  • Improved sit form with his hips, knees, and feet tight into the body
  • Improved posture while standing – more level topline, hind feet aligned next to each other and tight into the body (they could still be a bit farther back); less “cow hocked”
  • Improved symmetry from left to right, including addressing postural adaptions in the pelvis area (my fingers are on his “ischial tuberosities”)
  • Increased range of motion, specifically increased flexion along the hindlimbs (hips, knees, hock joint)
  • Increased mobility in hips and back
  • Increased hindlimb strength, specifically hip extensor muscles
  • Increased core stability
  • Improved coordination & body awareness

BEFORE & AFTER – Chester

Chester’s Results from a 6-week Customized Online Training Program:

  • Improved posture; lessened roach in lumbar spine
  • Increased core stability; less of a dip in thoracic spine
  • Improved hip mobility; hips extend farther back
  • Improved limb awareness – limbs tighter into the midline of the body and improved stance with hindfeet stacked farther back
  • Improved sit posture – hindlimbs are tucked tight into the body with joints flexed; shoulders and wrists aligned
  • Improved alignment through the shoulder, elbow, carpus & feet
  • Decreased hip & knee pain during walks


  • Increased foot & carpal strength⁣​
  • Increased core stability & back strength⁣​
  • Increased forelimb & hindlimb [adductor] strength⁣​
  • Increased hip extensor strength⁣​
  • Increasing shoulder mobility⁣​
  • Increased neck mobility⁣​
  • Increased spinal mobility⁣​
  • Increased hip mobility⁣​
  • Improved alignment; joints stacked appropriately⁣​
  • Improved pelvic positioning⁣​
  • Improved weight distribution⁣​
  • Improved movement – increased reach & drive in the trot⁣​
  • Improved tracking⁣​
  • Improved body awareness⁣​
  • Straighter topline⁣​
  • Improved posture in all positions (stand, sit, down)⁣​


Improved posture, confidence, fat loss, new tricks, and new friends!


Before & After videos from Coco’s 6 week program with me.

In the first video I was actually trying to get her to stand still, but she didn’t quite have the strength yet to do so.

The second video shows how much tighter her sit is after 6 weeks of 10 minute workouts, 4x per week.

Coco can now hold a static stand with good posture on flat ground for 30-60 seconds at a time (not shown) and has a nice tight sit!