Discover how Sit Stay Squat can help improve your pet’s posture, mobility, and overall health through canine conditioning, feline fitness, and pet massage.

We all want the best for our pets, ensuring they live happy, pain-free lives for as long as possible. While we understand the importance of good posture, strong muscles, and mobile joints for our own well-being, we often overlook the significance of these factors for our dogs and cats.

When animals experience poor postural adaptions, movement inefficiencies, muscular imbalances, and joint restrictions (more common than you’d think!), their risk of injury increases while their quality of life decreases. Balancing your own exercise routine with that of your dog can be challenging, especially when it comes to canine fitness done correctly.

Fortunately, Sit Stay Squat is here to help! Whether you’re looking to safely exercise your puppy, maintain mobility and alleviate pain in your senior pet, enhance performance in your canine athlete, strengthen the bond with your cat, or even engage in fitness and yoga activities with your dog, we have the perfect solution for you.

What’s more, we now offer pet massage services to further improve your dog and cat’s alignment while providing relief for achy, sore muscles.

Sarah Keller, our expert, is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer, Certified Canine Body Worker (Dog Massage), Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. With a specialization in canine posture and movement, Sarah utilizes corrective exercise strategies to reduce the risk of injuries and enhance performance. She follows science-based force-free dog training protocols, prioritizing overall canine health and welfare. To learn more about Sarah’s qualifications, click here.

Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

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